Internship Studio

About Us

Internship Studio is an online training and internship platform founded on the principle that students interested in any field should not be required to have any sort of prerequisite knowledge in order to start their journey in that particular field. The sheer lack of courses and internships out there that don’t just train students or offer them an internship but actually do both is what drove us to come up with our flagship and industry leading “Career Starter Internships”

Career Starter Internships are fundamentally internships that anyone and everyone can apply to, without requiring them to have any prior knowledge of the field and it’s intricacies. Our Expert Coaches take you on a journey in the field of your interest right from scratch to the completion of an Internship Project. Career Starter Internships are 5 week courses, where you are trained for 3 weeks, and are given an internship project to complete for 2 weeks, hence certifying you in both Training and a 5 week Internship.