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CA Intro
What is a Campus Ambassador?

A Campus Ambassador is an extension of a company to their campus, acting as the direct link between the company and the students and faculty of their university. Responsible for spreading the word and creating a buzz about the company’s services and/or events, Campus Ambassadors come to possess leadership qualities, initiative and influence on campus.

Campus Ambassador Internship Program at Internship Studio

8000+ Campus Ambassadors Certified
A Campus Ambassador’s Roles & Responsibilities
  • Promoting Content via Social Media Channels to spread the word about us: We will send you promotional content and instructions for the same via WhatsApp, and accordingly you have to use Social Media Channels to spread the promotional content.
  • Report back to the team on completion of the Task: According to the instructions provided, you will have to send us screenshots so we can verify your completion of the task.
  • Encouraging students to sign up and register for courses with Internship Studio: This is the most important responsibility. What we expect from you the most is to encourage your friends, classmates and other students to sign up for various Internships offered by us.
Perks of being a Campus Ambassador for Internship Studio
  • Get certified by an ISO Certified Institute (ISO 9001:2015)
  • Get a Letter of Recommendation to boost your CV
  • Based on your performance, earn a Stipend
  • Work completely online from home for no more than 2-3 hours a week