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Energy conservation is the term used for reducing the consumption through using less energy service. Energy Management is a term used for saving or reducing the use of energy in businesses, public sector or government organizations and homes.

With our Energy Conservation and Management Career Starter Internship, learn the following industry relevant skills from scratch:

  • Energy Audit Report Writing
  • Energy saving in Refrigeration systems
  • Energy saving in Pumping systems
  • Energy-saving in Thermal Equipment
  • Net metering
  • Solar PV Power Generation

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Take the first step towards kick-starting your Career with Energy Conservation & Management.

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Akash Mehra

I had enrolled myself in the Machine Learning internship at Internship Studio. Before taking the internship I had only a bit knowledge on Machine Learning but now I am confident to do real-time projects this is all because of Internship Studio. With the procedural structure of Internship Studio, each step of the internship was seamless.

Aditya Godbole

It was a wonderful experience working with Internship Studio, the environment they provide here makes everyone learn something new and apply in the real time projects. The main thing is, the mentorship. They really guide me well through the Internship Project and I could successfully deploy my project.

Rohit Anand

The Instructor, he was great. His approach of teaching was very practical. The material was thoughtfully designed. Overall it was a nice experience with Internship Studio.

    Frequentely Asked Questions

    Round 1 will be conducted in 2 phases. Students can give the exam on any of the 4 available dates depending on college exams & classes. Dates are mentioned in the table above.

    Answer: Your Internship starts as soon as you enroll and make the payment. The Internship duration will be 5 weeks from the date of enrollment.

    Answer: The duration of the internship is 5 weeks.

    Answer: We advise you to take the complete 5 weeks of internship training in one stretch. If it all due to an unavoidable situation like exams, you can write to Internship Studio support team and request an extension for which approval will be on a case to case basis.

    Round 1 will be conducted in 2 phases. Students can give the exam on any of the 4 available dates depending on college exams & classes. Dates are mentioned in the table above.

    Answer: We strongly advise to use a laptop to make the most of this program. If for some reason a laptop/ computer isn’t accessible, you can complete the training and request Internship Studio support team to accept the necessary assignments later via email. You will be provided an Internship certificate only after completely submitting all the Project work.

    Answer: No, there will be no stipend for the internship.


    Answer: The Internship has a flexible work schedule, you are free to decide your work slot during the day, provided you meet all the submission dates.